The past year has been hard in many ways, and psychologists, social workers and other mental health providers have been busy helping people through it all. Fortunately, insurance companies have been supportive of this important service, and have waived deductibles, helping make mental health services accessible even to those experiencing financial hardship.

But our physical health has been suffering, too, and most people have not received any support with accessing services to help them with this. In a country troubled by obesity and an epidemic that puts overweight individuals at a significantly increased risk of serious illness from the virus…

Seven questions to help you recover

Photography: Wallace Chuck

Few things are more frustrating than a body that doesn’t comply with our plans to have it function perfectly, despite ongoing neglect. If you think I’m being facetious, you’re right, kinda. The truth is that we do tend to neglect our bodies a bit, and tend to prefer to focus our energy on more urgent matters. Until our bodies signal an urgent need for help, that is.

If you’ve suffered from an injury or ailment, have sought help and started on the path to recovery, good for you! If you’re well…

How to maximize function to get the most out of life

Photography: Oliver Sjöström

Musculoskeletal health is your ability to walk, run, exercise, shop, take care of both your family and your house, spend time on your hobbies, travel, work, sail, dance, walk your dog, make love and move in a way that maintains the health of your other body systems, such as your cardiovascular system and brain. For something this vital to our health and happiness, we have a surprisingly unclear idea of how to take good care of it, and often tend to take notice only when struck by a sudden or nagging pain or ache. …

Lilian Holm

Lilian Holm, PT, DPT is a physical therapist in private practice in Evanston, IL. Find her at and on social media.

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